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SC Advisors Engaged by City of Orlando for Major Stadium Renovation

SC Advisors has been engaged by The City of Orlando to serve as the Owner’s Advisor for the renovation of the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium.


SC Advisors will work closely with our partners, the City of Orlando and Florida Citrus Sports, to transform this historic stadium into one of the finest bowl venues in the country,” said Jay Berlinsky, founder and owner of SC Advisors. “We look forward to the challenge.”


The project can be characterized as a re-build with the replacement of the entire lowerbowl seating structure, new premium seating areas, food service, concession facilities and overall general improvements. Construction on the $200 million project is slated to begin later this year, while pre-development and pre-construction work has been underway since October, 2012. As Owner’s Advisor, SCA will develop and manage the City’s project team that includes HNTB Corporation as the project architect, Hunt Construction Group as program manager, and Turner Construction Company as construction manager at risk.


Built in 1936 with seating for 8,900 people, the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium has undergone a number of expansions and improvements. The current project is the most ambitious in the stadium's 77-year history.


With more than 40 years of team experience and $2 billion in development and transactions, Orlando-based SC Advisors customizes strategies and operating plans to meet clients’ specific business and/or policy objectives and then guides them through every stage of the real estate development process.


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Bacall Conniff and Associates Review

Bacall Conniff and Associates Review: A Glance in History of the Restaurant Industry


Food is a basic necessity of the people. Many years ago, people used to make their own food - cultivating crops and herding livestock. When permanent human settlements began, villages became cities which then gave rise to civilization. People learned and became skilled engaging in more specialized activities to earn a living, replacing the old barter trade system they solely relied on for years. Eventually, delegating the laborious task of preparing food to a person or enterprise became unavoidable for them.

The rise of the restaurant industry, like in Singapore, brought a revolutionary effect on industrialization and in world economic system. It was born out of the need not merely to save time but also to avoid the exhausting routine of food preparation. Anyone could now eat non staple foods and have it delivered home.

The increase of entrepreneurs sailing into this kind of business causes the variation of food options. A simple snack like doughnuts and burgers causes the expansion of restaurant chains and even the coffee drink drove success - generating a multibillion business worldwide. Restaurants change not only the economic texture of civilization but also how people live their lives.

One undesirable effect of the restaurant specifically brought by fast food outlets is the degradation of the populations overall health. Many people used to enjoy healthy and good foods, but now they eat poor quality meals served by food establishments who aim to make good money regardless of how detrimental the food they offer.

Due to the progressing wellness and fitness industry and the continuous campaign for organic consumption, an increasing number of restaurants now serve fresh and natural alternatives. It looks like restaurants will undoubtedly stick around to sustain a consumer’s food preference whenever it needed.

Bacall Conniff Advisors and Associates gives an outstanding accounting and financial service to help the restaurant industry stand firm in the economic world.

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FINRA Named One of the Best IT Employers for the 5th Consecutive Year


According to IDG’s Computerworld, FINRA ranks as one of the best places to work in information technology, specifically in the field of financial regulation. It is the fifth consecutive year that FINRA made it to Computerworld’s list of top 100 companies. 

Computerworld’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Randich said, “FINRA has a lot to provide technologists in terms of a chance to work in pioneering the causes of investor protection and market integrity. We’re proud that Computerworld has contributed to empowering technologists to produce and innovate in accordance to FINRA’s stable role in financial regulation.”

Randich cited as a prime example Comuterworld’s use of the cloud to make storage and processing of vast amounts of information scalable and safe. It has also included improved facility in performing regulatory analysis by technologists. He also said that producing open-source software and hosting hackathons has allowed their technology group in a dynamic environment, inside and outside the company.  

In this year’s list of Best Places to Work in IT, Computerworld had this to say about FINRA, “The employees at this independent, non-governmental regulatory office of securities companies are fully aware that their employer supports them a 100%.” He adds, “FINRA also provides ample parental leave benefits for child birth or adoption, gives a maximum of $5,000 for every child for adoption-related expenses, money for additional emergency support when regular child-care or elder-care is not available, and allows adjustable work schedules to aid workers balance their job and family concerns. 

Moreover, FINRA gives workers two paid-vacation-days each year to do social outreach in their communities and their chosen charities.”

This year’s Best Places to Work in IT list have made it to the magical circle of organizations which have produced an innovative and fulfilling IT work environment,” stated Scot Finnie, Computerworld’s Editor-in-Chief. “In a highly competitive world of tech skills, these excellent employers can draw highly-talented IT professionals by offering attractive fringe benefits, fresh educational opportunities, utilization of cutting-edge digital systems and challenging, business-centered ventures.”

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is recognized as the biggest independent securities regulation agency for all firms operating in the United States. FINRA commits to safeguard the interests of the investor as well as the integrity of the securities market through efficient regulation and appurtenant compliance and technology-based systems. FINRA covers substantially every aspect of the securities market – beginning with registration and education of all industry players to evaluation of securities companies, writing regulations, enforcement of such regulations and the federal securities laws, and the education of the investing public in general. Moreover, FINRA conducts investigations and other regulatory tasks for equities and options markets, including trade updates and other related industry services. Finally, FINRA serves as the main administrator for resolutions of disputes for investors and securities firms.

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Human Capital Alliance Inc. Thailand, Singapore - The Nation: Finding world-class management

A top human resources executive tells KI Woo how companies are building global-class infrastructures.

Building infrastructures that can help companies compete successfully against global competitors is fast becoming a top priority.

Acquiring, and more importantly, keeping the best talent is now viewed as a critical ingredient for building a sustainable and profitable business.

Edwin Sim, president and CEO of Pathfinder Asia Ltd and its affiliate Human Capital Alliance Ltd, said that as companies begin riding the economic recovery and become highly profitable again, they are all seeking ways to sustain growth by upgrading their management and operational infrastructures.

“Most companies are now saying they must further professionalise their operations,” he said.

After decades of establishing strong bases in Asia , many local family companies are now aiming to build sustainable global businesses and realise that they must develop appropriate infrastructures that will first attract and then retain top management talent.

A key infrastructure ingredient is developing an appropriate internal corporate culture that will attract management leaders. “Top professional business leaders thrive best in high-performance, meritocratic organisations,” he said.

The economy now features many large, family-controlled companies that are gradually evolving into professionally run organisations. These companies are constantly wrestling with issues such as how to meld the best Western management practices with Asia ’s unique culturally influenced business environment, he said.

Pathfinder Asia Ltd and Human Capital Alliance, he said, are led by experienced United States and Canadian-trained professionals who spent their formative education and business years in North America before returning to Asia .

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Cybersecurity Fraud Intelligence Lead – Vice President in J.P. Morgan, Singapore

The Cybersecurity organization's objective is to ensure that JPMC is able to effectively detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats against our technology infrastructure. The scope of Cybersecurity comprises detection and monitoring of threats and vulnerabilities, managing security incidents, and evolving our preventive infrastructure to keep ahead of the threat. We accomplish this through strong information security leadership and active collaboration with line of business information risk managers to provide high quality security solutions and services that are focused on improving the Firm's risk posture.

The Cyber Fraud APAC and South America Lead will work closely with Fraud Intelligence teams within Cyber Security Operations to maintain and advance intelligence collection efforts, optimize reporting, and manage metrics production.

Responsibilities :

·         Lead efforts across Fraud Intelligence teams (card, banking, data automation) to expand the teams' intelligence collection, optimize reporting to internal stakeholders, and assist in managing expanding metrics production efforts specific to the Asia Pacific and South American geographic areas

·         Act as the Fraud Intelligence lead representative in a multi-disciplinary security operations center (SOC)

·         Act as liaison between Corporate Cyber Security Operations-Fraud Intelligence and the various JPMC lines of business (LOBs)

·         Work closely with Cyber Security Operations teams to collaborate on a first in class intelligence program.

·         Maintain and advance knowledge of industry fraud trends

·         Conduct and manage detailed analysis and risk assessments on all issues affecting the Firm

·         Engage in problem solving, process improvement, and strategic planning initiatives

·         Continually identify and evaluate 3 rd party solutions to fraud problems facing the Firm

·         Author and edit intelligence reports and contribute to metrics production


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Hill & Associates Ltd Hong Kong Security Risk Management


What We Do

Operating in a volatile business environment means challenges can spring up without warning. Deep local knowledge allows us to react swiftly and effectively, no matter where, how or why the crisis has arisen.

We have helped our clients:

  • Carry out a series of threat, vulnerability and risk assessments across a portfolio of hotels
  • Design and train crisis management plans for relevant business risks covering information or cyber security, fires, floods, medical emergencies, earthquakes, civil unrest and bomb/terror threats
  • Manage security and logistics for a corporate event with thousands of attendees
  • Protect personnel during periods of transition, downsizing and restructuring
  • Assess locations and evaluate facilities’ access points, perimeter and environment
  • Provide comprehensive crisis planning, training and including risk assessments for many international schools across Asia
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Information Newsletter - LTD & Associates

Brian Mulroney had just finished his speech at the 2003 Progressive Conservative leadership convention in Toronto, and a pack of hungry reporters was lying in wait. But the former PM's aides had determined he wouldn't be giving interviews - a decidedly unpopular decision. As Mr. Mulroney stepped off the stage, the media swarmed him.


His bodyguards, Lloyd Vaughan and Ty Watts, moved in to keep the crowd away from their client. But they were immediately surrounded by hordes of camera operators and reporters. Although Mr. Watts and Mr. Vaughan are built like a couple of Mack trucks, they struggled to clear the way for Mr. Mulroney, taking elbows in the gut and getting whacked in the face with cameras and microphones. The circle got so tight, they lost peripheral vision. Their well-pressed suits were drenched in sweat. But they kept muscling their way forward, Mr. Mulroney sandwiched between them. Finally they managed to get him to safety backstage.


Such is the job of an executive protection specialist. It's not about gunslinging, says Mr. Vaughan, who started LTD & Associates with Mr. Watts five years ago. Rather, it's about keeping the client out of harm's way. They've got the training for it: Mr. Watts spent 32 years as a sergeant with the RCMP; Mr. Vaughan was an officer with the Peel Regional police force for 26 years. Between them, they've protected prime ministers, members of the British Royal Family, Queen Noor of Jordan and a number of celebrities in town for the Toronto International Film Festival.


It's not all glamour - LTD & Associates also handles security for executives who are threatened by disgruntled employees or shareholders, or attending high-profile events. If executives are travelling to a country known for kidnapping, they'll often take along a team from LTD.


Because 70% of their work requires them to be at a client's headquarters or on the road, LTD & Associates doesn't have a permanent office. Occasionally, the team sets up a temporary shop at an executive centre in Oakville, Ontario. That's where they are today. Sitting in leather chairs around a maple boardroom table. Both men are wearing suits, but when they're on the job, they wear whatever attire will help them blend in - even if it means a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals. That's what Mr. Watts wore when protecting former PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the 1970s, at a Hawaiian-themed cocktail party in Toronto.


"Protection is about assessing an environment and taking measures to prevent an attack," Mr. Vaughan says. At an annual general meeting, for example, Mr. Watts will scan the audience for anyone who looks out of place. If he hones in on a suspicious character, he'll read their body language (are they reaching for a tissue or device?) and keep protected space between the individual and the client. "Physical contact is the last resort," he says.